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                                                                                                                                    March 24, 2012

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

For Immediate Release:

            Columbus, OH, March 2012- Kore Integrated Communications, Inc., the direct marketing company leaves New York City and expands to Columbus, Ohio. Here in their new home, Kore will continue to be a top outsourced marketing company and develop a new team of the best young professionals in Ohio.

            As always the goal is expansion. With more demand for basic commercial and residential service from major clients, Kore will expand in order to accommodate requirements in the marketing industry. With a strong diverse staff from the East Coast they are ready to build and eager to open six offices by 2013 in a variety of markets.

            "Our international experience will allow us to expand overseas with strength in the near future."
                                                          -Managing Partner, DLDM Steve Rodriguez

            At the L&R Group, Kore Integrated Communications Inc. and DLDM Inc. partner up to provide the best in face to face acquisitions. As one of the best in the marketing industry, they plan to maintain quality relationships with clients and strive to use their culture of excellence and systematic approach to their advantage in order to acquire and develop new campaigns.

               "It is a great partnership since we have experience working with multiple energy providers in other highly competitive markets on the East Coast.”
 -Managing Partner, Kore Integrated Communications Alice Lee
            Here at the L&R Group, they believe that the secret to a successful business is with continuous and strong leadership from the top down.

About Us:

            Kore Integrated Communications Inc. opened in March of 2012 working with our first few clients and is looking to expand their reach in Columbus. Their first client rolling out is an energy manufacturer called Direct Energy. Their client is looking to dramatically increase its customer base in Columbus and they plan to deliver!

For more information:
Contact us: 614-396-6016
5900 Roche Drive Suite 260 Columbus, OH


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